How to flip a poker chip between your fingers

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Watch more How to Play Poker videos: ... So, you get three and three. Now, what you need to do, is align your fingers. So, you want to make sure that each side of the chip is covered. So, I'm ... Poker Chip Tricks - Then slide the chip into the space between your index finger and middle finger. When the chip is partially inserted, then you can push the chip up by lowering your middle finger and raising your index finger. Then you just repeat the process for the following fingers until the chip gets to the end (between your ring finger and pinky). The Thumb Flip Poker Chip Trick The Thumb Flip Poker Chip Trick. The thumb flip chip trick is among the easiest poker chip tricks that one can learn easily. Flipping a chip over the three or more chips with the help of the thumb is the main goal of this trick. This trick is also known by different names like "thumb chip flip", "front to back", or just "chip flip". Featured column :: The expert’s guide to impressive chip tricks 2. The Chip Flip. The Chip Flip is one of the building blocks for more complicated tricks like The Butterfly. It’s incredibly simple, and yet looks impressive all the same. Hold a roll of chips in your fingers. Flip the chip closest to your thumb to the other end the stack using just your thumb with a level of cool nonchalance.

Watch more How to Play Poker videos: httpSo, the way you do this trick, is you start in between your thumb and your index finger, so that when the chip goes over, it hits the top of your finger, in between your knuckles.

Place a poker chip between your thumb and index fingers as shown below. While holding the lone chip, quickly but softly drag it across the stationaryAt this point you should be cradling the chip against your palm using your pinky and ring fingers. You can vary the position of the chip until it feels... Four Simple Poker Chip Tricks ~ sport

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Twirl a poker chip between two fingers! Handle a deck of cards like a “shark“!. Learn a colorful collection of poker chip tricks.My DVD is a step by step instructional DVD on how to do: The flip Back to Front The Twirl Butterfly Roll & Drop Knuckle roll Shuffling.and more!

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Hold three chips between your ring and index fingers supporting the chips with your middle finger from behind. ---photo 1 Using your thumb, loosen the two outside chips and roll them up until they are above the middle chip and held in place by the thumb and index finger.